Video Conference Brings Convenience for People

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The video conference allows people in different places to have meeting together, which the traditional conference can only be held when people are sitting together. Technologies make people able to see the images of others and hear the voices of others. They will feel like staying together. The environment of meeting is created by the related devices, such as the MCU, meeting room terminal and so on. Therefore, teams can be more united and decisions can be made more quickly. The ideal, knowledge and courage will be passed on from people to people. The video conference does not need the business trip, which is a big advantage.

The video conference makes people in different places do not disturb each other. No matter he is on the train or in the room, new technology helps people to exchange the thinking and information freely. People do not need to work by waiting for the E-mail and express mail. Speaking simply,the video conference makes people "sit" together. The related technology also can be applied in the remote education and remote diagnosis.

The video conference has gained the trust of the corporations at the present time, and it is popularizing with unbelivable speed. People in some corporations only care about some hardware, such as the video, audio and data, but the rarely concern about the follow-up service, much less concluding the service into the purchasing elements of them. Apart from some of the intuitive effect, service of the supplier is also an important element. The suppliers are not only related to the integrated experience of the device, but also play an important role in the follow-up service.

The failure of the software will cause enormous losses if there are no technical personnel in the company. The supplier will be helpful in such situations. Of course, the service of the supplier not only appears on the emergency, but carries out through the entire process. The related integrated circuit is CY7B131.

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Video Conference Brings Convenience for People

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This article was published on 2010/09/08