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If you thought that the introduction of audio and video conferencing systems was the best thing that could have happened to your organization, then here is something even better. Voip are the new entrants in the domain of business phone systems, which aim to enhance your video and audio conferencing experience and make it even more productive.

Before the introduction of Voip, organizations were using business phone systems like Private Branch Exchange (PBX), Key telephone systems and Key less phone systems (KSU). Although these systems were effective and provided various services like audio conferencing, video conferencing, voice mail systems, etc yet there was something missing from them. They were expensive to install, difficult to maintain and not easily compatible with different systems. So the need was there for a better technology, and Voip came as the answer to those needs. Through Voip, people can stay connected virtually over the internet and take advantage of the integration of internet with video conferencing solutions.

Voip has provided better video conferencing solutions to organizations. Not only has the cost of installing and maintaining this system reduced, due to its minimal infrastructural requirements, but several other eminent benefits are also present.

Portability is one of the major benefits of a Voip business phone system. Employees can travel anywhere they want and they can still remain connected with their organization through video conferencing over a Voip system. All that a person needs is a broadband internet connection and a camera.

Due to the fact that Voip enables video conferencing systems to connect via the internet, members of the conference can also share presentations, files and other forms of data during a conference. This has created a virtual environment which is a close replica of a physical meeting. Moreover presentations can even be made over the internet through a video conference, thus enabling better video conferencing solutions.

A virtual whiteboard can be created on the screen of every member during the video conference and notes and other information can easily be shared and explained. This has been possible only through the use of a Voip to connect video conferencing systems.

The most prominent benefit that businesses perceive in video conferencing over the internet is the fact that it is very cheap, thus a huge burden on their expenditure has been removed.

The introduction of Voip in video conferencing has revolutionized the way people look at video conferences. However you need to consider a few facts before installing this system in your organization. There are a numerous Voip service providers in the market. You should conduct a thorough research of thee the alternatives available and choose the one that enhances your present video conferencing solutions the most.
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Compare Voip, Voip Service, Voip Service Providers

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This article was published on 2010/10/14